Apr 19, 2014

Fundamentals of Guitar Fretboard Theory By Stan Hirsch -ON SALE NOW at
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Apr 18, 2014

The Blues Guitar Book -ON SALE NOW at Thumpin' Thumb & Fiery Fingers: (and "flappin' flatpick")
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I'll play for fortune or just for love
Anytime, anywhere,
but when push comes to shove
I'll play for nothing
now don't you see -
fame and fortune may come my way
But the Bottom Line
I love to play.
Rock and Roll,Rhythm and Blues
Bebop-swing,anything that moves
A gift from God some might say
But the bottom line
I love to play.
"The Bottom Line"-Stan Hirsch


This is my new website, a place where I can interface with those people who are interested in me as a composer, a performer and instructor. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do!  

This new site will allow me to more easily upload, and you to more easily download all my stuff. This "stuff" includes (but is not limited to) all the songs from my albums, songs that have not yet made it to an album, my instruction in PDF, mp3 & mp4 downloads.  

I've also put up a lot of different kinds of videos, poems, essays, --just a lot of my artistic endeavors.  

And then there are pictures of me --pictures of my guitars, a pet or two--my truck---some different size bios and history - including my influences and stuff like that.  

Then, the business related stuff, (Press bios - Quotes - pictures - etc...All that "promo package stuff".)  

It is also a lot easier to navigate! (thanks, Craig).